Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my twenty-third birthday and it was quite wonderful if I do say so myself.
Of course I still had to go to work (boo wednesday birthdays ha) but the day was still made extra special by my wonderful husband. Kyle surprised me first thing in the morning with a present :) when my alarm went off and I opened my eyes, there it was, wrapped in fun Toy Story wrapping paper complete with a red ribbon (favorite color). He got me two necklaces off Etsy that I have been fancying for a while now.

Another highlight of the day was getting surprised by the students of the UCSC (Kyle is the campus minister there) with cake and of course lovely happy birthday singing (I was awkwardly late for class too ha). They were way too sweet for surprising me like that and it made my day even more special :)

Of course another wonderful part of the day was all the phone calls I
got from family singing to me and wishing me a wonderful day
(next time you see me ask me to play you the voicemail from my grandparents! so so sweet!!)

 (flowers my now in-laws sent me last year for my birthday :) they were so pretty!)

Thank you everyone who made my day so great!

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