Friday, November 12, 2010

Japanese Washi Tape Cards

Remember my craft crave back in October? Well it has come true! I got my very own Japanese Washi Tape. Really, it came a few weeks ago but I finally got to play with it last night and it was indeed fun!
Last night I made some cards with my tape so I thought I would share what I did.

Black string
Japanese Washi Tape
Craft Glue
Kraft Flat Notes and Envelopes
Scissors & Pencil

First, sketch out a guide for your bunting

Cut Triangles out of your tape. Cut off the extra two smaller triangles and save them for later.

Tape them on like so (or how you prefer :)

Now go back to those little triangles you saved

And place them on the other side of the card (the backside)

and it will look like this:

Now we'll cover our pencil traces with the craft glue and black string.
I didn't like how thick my string was so I unraveled the three strands and then placed them under another piece of fabric to iron them straight. Of course skip this part if your string is fine.

I used a pen to position my string to avoid sticky fingers and the string going out of control.
Then I took a small napkin and dabbed the excess glue away.

While that is drying lets move on to the envelope.
I decorated mine using more excess smaller triangles.

When the glue is dried nicely cut the strings.
(I actually waited till morning, hence the different lighting in the pictures)

And now you have lovely Washi Tape Bunting Cards.
I'll write "Happy Birthday" or what not on the front when I have a reason to send one.
Note: In hindsight I would probably use either the squeeze type paint or sharpie because I didn't like the way the glue dried so much...

Perhaps I'll have some cards up soon with my Christmas Washi Tape :)


  1. I seriously hope you win my giveaway! You totally deserve it :)

  2. Really cute. You are so much more crafty than I am:) I am a KY blogger too, so nice to meet you.

    Amy R.


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