Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chocolate Croissants

These are super simple and quick to make all while being delicious :)

1 Can Crescent Rolls
1/2 cup Milk Chocolate Chips
or substitute Chips for Nutella

Roll out the dough and keep it in its rectangles (two of the triangles will make one rectangle).
Pinch the perforation marks of two rectangles together.

Cut each rectangle in half.

Place about a tablespoon of chips on each square.
(or Nutella, it works very well also and has that nice hazelnut taste)

Simply fold over edges and pinch shut.

Once all are ready (makes eight) place in oven and bake as directed on crescent can.
(I had Great Value Brand rolls and I baked them at 350 for 13 minutes.)

Let cool and serve while still warm.

While eating these last night Kyle and I though of all the different delicious things you could put in the middle. We thought a chocolate and peanut butter or caramel combo would work great. Also dark chocolate or white chocolate. Maybe even s'mores style? What do you want to fill yours with?


  1. yay!! you put these amazing deserts on here!! yum! :)

  2. I'm thinkin a nice turtle combo - chocolate, caramel and pecans :)

  3. I put a "bite-size" Milky Way candy bar in mine! (Or I cut a "fun-size" bar in half.) So yummy!

  4. Can i just have one of each option? :) It sounds SO good!

  5. YUM!!!! I actually learned how to make this recently at a fancy cooking class at Sur La Table. The hardest part of figuring how to exactly fold the dough over correctly. At least, that's the part I had some trouble with. They are simply delicious! Too good in fact! : )

  6. oooh that snickers filling sounds really good. My choice of filling would be strawberry pie filling and cream cheese.

  7. ooh I didn't think about the cream cheese possibilities!! Blueberries and cream cheese sounds good too!!!

  8. All of those suggestions sound good! The cream cheese hadn't even crossed my mind. I may have to give it a try too :)

  9. You fixed those for us at Girls Group! They were delicious!!!!

  10. These sound really good!

    Hope you can come by for my Holly Bloggy Recipe Party on Thursday!

  11. I used to have these ALL the time. Gotta do semi-sweet though! With a dusting of powdered sugar... mmm mmm


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