Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Like I mentioned here, I am finally showing you the pillowcases I made and hopefully I'll give directions that are easy enough to follow in case you want to make some too.
I used Heather Bailey's Picnic Bouquet Fabric from her line Nicey Jane.

I used Amy Butlers pattern for pillow shams with ties (PDF found here) up to step 2. The only thing I did differently in step 2 was instead of machine basting the ties to the panel, I went ahead and zig zag stitched them into place. I improvised the pattern because I didn't know all the technical terms and figured out a way I could do it and make equally as beautiful pillow shams (i think at least). A side note: Something I find very useful is a Techniques and Terms sheet put together by Amy Butler. If you are interested, check it out here.

After I completed step 2 I made four more of the straps but this time I made them with fabric that was 8 inches wide and 22 inches long. Follow the same instructions as the smaller ties. The picture below are my thicker straps in the making.

Once completed, pin your thick straps on the right side of your fabric over the thinner ties (remember these are already stitched on) making sure to have covered the raw edge of the panel. After completing my pillowcases I wish I had finished that raw edge of the panel by simply making a quarter of an inch seam and stitching it up real quick before I stitched the small ties on so you may want to consider that.

After pinning and sewing the thick strap on (I sewed a half inch from the top and then a half inch from the bottom of the strap too so I had two lines of stitches) simply pin the right sides together and sew the panels together. There is an allowance for a half inch seam (also be sure to sew the correct three sides - not the side with the ties). Once all three sides are sewn, go back and serge (or zig zag stitch) in the seam allowances to make the pillowcase very durable. 

Simply, turn your case right side out and you have your beautiful pillowcase ready to be used!

(sorry for the quality of pictures. i was working late at night so i had no natural lighting)
This is my first attempt at writing a sewing tutorial so I should get clearer and more technical.


  1. I am so impressed! Those pillows are awesome! Maybe I can pick out a fabric and you can make me some pillowcases for Christmas! :)

  2. I went to Hawthorne Threads to order the Birds and Seed Heads in Natural fabric that I had been looking at - and they were OUT of it :( boo I signed up for email to be notified when they get it, so maybe when it comes in you can make me some fabulous pillowcases :) That is, when you are ready to begin taking orders ;)

  3. I'd love to Jenna! And mom, I'm sure they'll get some more in and I'll def make them for you :)

  4. oh oh oh!!! I got an email that the fabric is back in stock!! How many yards do you think I will need? Should I get a contrasting fabric also? the Thyme in Green looked really good with the Birds and Seed Heads in natural...

  5. that's great mom! i'll need 2 yards to make 2 standard size cases. if you want to get two yards in both i could make you four or i could use the second as an accent on the first or make accent pillows or something. call me about it and we'll figure something out ;)


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