Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall is For Camping

This weekend was wonderful! Kyle and I went camping at Land Between the Lakes at Hillman Ferry Campground. Probably the greatest thing about where we live is that it's just 18 or so miles from LBL which means endless outdoor possibilities. I actually just now saw that they have a blog so now I'm a follower to stay more informed :) woop woo! I want to take advantage of being so close to LBL!

If you camp at Hillman Ferry ask for B 30 because it's the greatest site ever! We had a view overlooking Kentucky Lake (more pics below but they can't even do it justice!). I was ecstatic when we drove up!

We hiked a few miles through the pretty woods along the river.

We found some huge rocks by the lake (reminded me so much of Tanzania).

Horrible choice in shoes. I should have gone with my Chaco's or Merrells. I think even my TOMS would have been better.

A happy camper none the less!

Kyle made our campfire :)

And let me tell you, this man can cook an amazing campfire meal! We had delicious hamburgers cooked with the most delicious veggies I've ever had!!! Seriously. I may have to share them on here...

This is the beautiful scene Kyle woke up to
...I slept in...let's just say I'm not a morning person when I wake up 30 times throughout the night...

But here we are enjoying the morning together
see, I didn't sleep in that long

Kyle thought it would be fun to leave some Goldfish out to see if anything came by our site, glad to see them all intact that morning. Though there is one head missing...hmmm

Anyone else been out to LBL? What do you like most in the fall?


  1. What a fun trip!! It looks like you guys had a great time! Ross and I took a trip to the Elk and Bison Prairie a couple weekends ago. It was so fun! We saw 22 elk. September and October are their mating season, so you are more likely to see them during those times. You need to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening since they are more active then. I think you would really enjoy it!!

  2. wow. great stuff. color me jealous, DIL!

  3. looks like you had a wonderful camping weekend!!


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