Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday in Pictures

I had the greatest Saturday ever!
Here it is in pictures ...and a few words...

Started off with the Homecoming Parade...

Then Kyle and I took a trip to our nearby big city - Paducah KY
(that's right, our closest Chic-fil-a is an hour away!)

Kyle spent a whole hour and half with me in Hancocks Fabric. He is the very best!

I got these amazing scissors. Oh. My. Goodness. They work so so well.
I also got lots of fabric, pillow forms and other supplies - yay for birthday money!

And then we went to Wurth Farms to pick pumpkins!!

On the way home we found lots of fun things to photograph...
like these churches

and farm equipment in action

So basically Saturday was perfect with my favorite person :)
I'll have a post soon with painted and carved pumpkins!

Also, Kyle and I have been working on a Director's Chair so expect a tutorial on that Wednesday.
Thanks Kyle for taking all the amazing pictures!!


  1. What a beautiful fun fall weekend :) Love you!!

  2. It looks like you guys are having so much fun! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    (And those scissors are SO awesome looking!)

  3. Fabrics for an hour and a half? Kyle? Well... to offset that rush of estrogene may require four or five hours in the mancave watching football for consecutive days!


    Love you Sweet Dil!

  4. OK. You two are too precious for words. What a fun day you guys had! Love all your pictures!!! :)

  5. I have been jealous of people like you that can take a bunch of fabrics and some scissors and create something amazing. I really wish I have that ability!

  6. Love you too Mom, Jenna and "FIL" :)
    and thanks Sydney! We really had so much fun. Fall isn't complete without visiting a pumpkin patch!
    and Leah, I'm just a newbie myself! Thanks though :) i'm sure you could learn all about sewing too!


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