Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'd Like to Bake Bread...

...and for it to turn out delicious.
So far I've had two bread fails.
The recipe I tried both times is the Best Bread Ever from Delia at Delia Creates.

Sadly, I know it's me, not her recipe. I just can't get the yeast to do it's thing. But I will keep practicing.
Delia also has this great post on bread baking tips I plan on reading thoroughly before my next attempt.

Other bread recipes I can't wait to try are these:

These rolls from Damaris at Kitchen Corners

That's my bread round up for you. Hopefully I'm not the only one craving carbs after drooling over these pictures ha. If there's a bread recipe out there you think I could actually do let me know please!

And about yesterday...I didn't have a chance to finish my christmas tree skirt so expect a post on that next wednesday (out of town til sunday so no time for sewing!) What I'll probably do is just edit the first post to include it all but I'll post when it's done so anyone interested will know to go look :)


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  2. we should attempt the french peasant bread when we attempt the white chocolate soup


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