Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Thankfulls

1) Kyle 

He's my very best friend and is so incredibly thoughtful. When I talk about my dreams he encourages me to go for it and helps me start even: he is so supportive. Kyle has a huge heart for God and for people: I think he is so great at living out the greatest commandment. In a very good way I am challenged to live a better life just from being around him. He is hilarious and keeps me laughing. On top of all this he has some awesome grilling skills and he can whip up some tasty unusual desserts. He basically keeps me sane during this welcome to the real world thing
(see number five)
and I wouldn't want to try my hand at life without him.

2) My Parents

They have always been there for me and have taught me so much. They've taught me everything from managing money to how to play tennis. My dad is one of the happiest and most joyful people I know. He is the greatest mailman and has about a million friends because of his fun, outgoing personality. That's one of the toughest jobs to be happy at I bet (can we say freezing cold, thunderstorms, hot summer days, my dad has even killed snakes for people ha!) but he is known by all on his route for his joy. He has actually coined this phrase (and turned it into a song which he taught Kyle on his second visit to my parents house ha) "Enjoy Life" that has become our family motto. Speaking of singing, has a great singing voice! I remember when I was younger my sisters and I would always be so excited when he led worship at church. My mom is extremely sweet (Kyle told me once after a trip to my parents' house that I must have gotten my sweetness from my mom because he said she is so sweet - that meant so much to me for my [then] boyfriend to say such kind words about my mother :). She is really so kind and full of compassion for others. She has taught me a whole lot about caring for others and I know I will be a much better mother for being her daughter. She has taught me about humility and forgiveness. I can remember the times my sisters and I would fight and how she would have us talk it out and there would be a hug (sometimes not wanted) at the end of it. I also remember times she would lose her patience with us in the mornings before school (I was awful, just awful getting ready for school) and I always remember her asking us to forgive her in the car. That example has taught me to acknowledge what I do wrong and ask for forgiveness. If I ever need anything I know my mom is always there to talk to (mom, remember junior year? ha I wouldn't have made it without you!). They may be the two goofiest people I know and I love that - and the five of us are the five most goofy people and now Kyle has made a sixth!

3) My Sisters 

They're my best friends and I love how close we are. We always have so much fun when we're together. Jenna has been a great big sister to Kayla and me. She has taught us both so much and has been a great example to us. She helped us spiritually mature and I still look up to her a lot (I always will). My little sister is amazing and I learn so much from her. She has a bubbly, carefree way about her that is so refreshing. They both have incredibly sweet spirits and I have grown a lot because of them. When we get together we have so, so much fun and we are absolutely ridiculous. I love that I have two sisters and that I'm smack dab in between them :) I never want to take them for granted and I am extremely excited to see them next week for Thanksgiving. We will probably stay up way too late and wake up my dad a million times with our noise!

4) My In-Laws 

Kyle is so amazing because of these people. His parents are incredible and I am very glad to be their daughter now! Karen is the strongest and most selfless woman. She has a beautiful heart and a lot of compassion too. Before I met Kyle's parents he told me his mom is tiny but fiery and that is so true!  She is hilarious and a ton of fun memories are already coming to my mind that involve her (so many more to come!). Les is so personable and genuine: he has a big heart for people. He has always made me feel right at home in their family. He's a great preacher too, and even though I can't be there every Sunday (the 9 hours distance problem) I'm glad he has a blog where I can read his thoughts. I appreciate these two for a lot of reasons, one especially being that they raised a wonderful son who is now my husband. I know that Kyle is who he is because of his parents. Now I have brothers!!! I have three :) Cole will turn 21 on the 27th. I am so excited about his birthday, we'll get to be at his party! He is so sweet and I love our long rivalry for Mario Party (and sadly...I usually lose ha). Conner is 13 and he makes things a lot more interesting. For example, at our wedding he made a dry ice bomb that Kyle had to quickly put out (Kyle showed him how to make one the day before our wedding with the ice that was going to be at our wedding so that was probably not the best idea - Kyle's words, not mine). He's a lot of fun though, not just a dry ice bomb making terror ha. He's really smart and he's great at making stuff on the computer. He made a design on the computer of a character he likes that was then turned into a cake for his birthday. He's pretty cool like that. Casey is the baby and is four and he is getting big way too fast! I love that he will always remember me being around because I met him when he was an itty bitty two year old. Goodness he's adorable. Kyle told me before meeting him that he was the cutest kid in the world and I was kinda thinking, sure but everyone says that about their baby brother, but he for real is! And he says the funniest things!!
And then sometimes really awkward things...haha...
I love the new part of my family so much! And another really great thing is that our families love each other! I'm so thankful for that :) We're actually all going on vacation together the summer of 2012 to Washington DC! Your family plans vacations that in advance too, right? haha ;)
Seriously though, there will be lots of posts about that so look forward to it.

5) I graduated in July!

Ignore how awkward my cap looks...

So glad that's over :) haha but really, being able to go to college was a huge blessing that I took for granted way too much. Lots of people all over the world don't have that opportunity: I am thankful I did.

6) but definitely not lastly...
I am so thankful for the way God created us. I love that He invites us into His story and uses us in huge ways. I love that the stories in the Bible aren't just things that happened but that still happen today. I love that He wants a relationship with us and wants what's best for us. I love that He came not to abolish the Law but to fulfill (Matthew 5:17). I love that He loves me even. though. i'm. not. perfect: I love His grace. I love that He made us a community and not meant to be alone.


  1. Beautiful words! Thanks for sharing! Love you much!

  2. I love this post. I might have cried a little.. I mean... it's true. I love being your sister! Seriously, everyday I grow more and more thankful for the incredible family that God has blessed us with! I love you!!

  3. I'm very thankful for you! Love you so much.

  4. Wait, gotta grab a tissue! =)

    OK, I'm back. Wonderful things to be grateful for. I love you.

  5. I'm with Jenna and Aunt Angela here - had to grab a tissue... but this post made my heart so happy! I love you sweet daughter and am very thankful for the blessing you are :)

  6. This is so beautiful... God Bless

  7. such a great list of thankfuls! so very lovely!


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