Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I discovered Spoonflower just a couple months ago so I may have been the last one to hear about...maybe? Do you know about it yet? Anyway, it is really cool, supposedly the greatest thing to hit the crafting world since Etsy. It was established in May 2008 to enable crafters around the world to design their own fabrics to use in their projects. There are 70,000 people in the Spoonflower community now and I hope to join them very soon! Not only can you design and use your own fabrics on there, but you can also allow them to be purchased by others and then you get a part of the profit for being the designer. There are also great things in this community such as weekly contests.

Isn't this amazing!? When I learned of this back in July I had some ideas for my 'own fabric line' that I think I should really start on soon. I'll definitely share my fabrics with you all when I get them printed :)

For now though it is browsing other peoples' beautiful designs and here are some of my favorites:

From Monmeehan
From Cotageindustrialist
From Troismiettes
From Liz Scott
From MummySam
From BoosterSeat


  1. Great designs! And don't worry, I've never heard of Spoonflower before either.

  2. I am so in love with Spoonflower!
    Those birds are great.


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