Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedding Napkins

For our wedding I decided we had to have home-sewn, beautiful, floral print napkins.
I got the idea from a featured wedding in this magazine.

My favorite wedding magazine of all time...

I found some pretty fabrics

and got to work.

(this one was my most loved fabric)

I made some mistakes during the process of sewing the
sixty napkins
but the worst by far was deciding to learn how to use my machine while sewing my first napkin. Needless to say... my first napkin took six, six, hours to make and included many frustrated phone calls to my Grandma.
(she helped so much and I wish I lived closer to her!)
I know, that is ridiculous and thankfully none of the rest took that long.

Kyle and I loved how they all turned out
(I think our guests did as well :)
and now we're all 'going green' with our fabric napkins at home.

(Hopefully we'll go greener and greener)


  1. I loved those napkins! Did you get all 60 back?

  2. Thanks! We were missing two but my dad and Kyle's mom were the ones who took them so we let them get away with it ;) haha

  3. Awww! The napkins are precious! Great job :) I have got to learn how to sew!!

  4. Very pretty napkins!!!I'm now a new follower:) Can't wait to come back!!!


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