Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Hubby's Yummy Nachos

So...Kyle makes wonderful Nachos.
Probably the 1073rd reason I married him.
The first time I learned of this amazing talent of his was at his parents house one weekend when we were visiting them back in our engaged days.
We have these for dinner as a treat on movie nights :)

So here they are and because you probably don't know how to make Nachos (kidding) I will tell you how he does it! But seriously, he has a few tricks that make them supa good.

When we're really hungry we put them in a big bowl like this one pictured.
He puts shredded all natural sharp cheddar cheese
(it's all natural because of me, if it was up to him we'd eat the cheapest processed fake cheese. yuck!)
on the Chips (this time he used half regular corn chips and half cheese Sun Chips). He mixed the chips and cheese so that all the cheese wouldn't be on the same chips.
Then he topped it with chopped jalapeno pieces.
Microwave for about thirty seconds or until cheese is melted.
Then Kyle mixes Ranch with Tabasco sauce in a plastic bag and drizzles it on top.
Next comes the Salsa of course.
And there you go.
Now you are enjoying the most delicious Nachos ever.
Doesn't he have a delicious spin on it?
(and Kyle, if I missed anything let me know haha :)

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