Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Cole!

This post is a little late but the actual day was way too exciting and full of fun to get on the blog.
Cole celebrated his 21st birthday Saturday!

I think he had a great day :)
Tons of people came to his party, he got lots of kisses from the ladies, Mississippi State won 
and he beat me and Kyle by a mile in Mario Party! 
remember we have a long standing Mario Party rivalry going on, and I got fourth place...I'll beat him though next time! haha :)
Karen, please tell him I said that!

This is my favorite picture from the party! Some Arkansas fan friends from church brought Cole a trick cake that had a hog on it that said "Gotcha!" Now of course Cole is a huge MS State fan and he laughed so hard when they brought the cake to him. He told Kyle later he laughed so hard it hurt haha.
It was so so funny! Wish we taped it :)
And of course he had his real Mississippi State cake too!

Happy Birthday Month Cole!!!
I'm a firm believer in celebrating birthdays all month long :p

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