Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lord's Prayer

This semester in the college class Kyle has been going through the Sermon on the Mount. It has been a really encouraging class. I've learned a lot and I feel more passionate about Jesus' words here because now I feel like I know more about it, even though really it has left me with even more questions! That's a good thing though. Last night we were in the Lord's Prayer. At the end of the class we all were asked to write out the Lord's Prayer in our own words. Here is what I wrote:

O God, Father, You are glorious. May You forever be lifted high. God, bring Your kingdom to earth like it is in Heaven. i pray that You will be followed on earth by all. May everyone sing Your praises here. God, bring Heaven on earth. Use me God to do this and make me more willing to be used. God help me to not worry so much and help me to be content with what i have. Help me to be more concerned with others' needs more than my wants. Father, help me to forgive others and love them more like how You forgive and love. God i know that You won't allow me to be tempted beyond what i'm able. Help me to say no to those temptations that do come my way. Oh God, i want you to reign in my life, keep satan away. The enemy wants to only destroy me but God i know You want me to have full life.

It was so uplifting to do this and I would encourage you to do it as well. You can check out some other students' writings of the Lord's Prayer here. If you do write one out I would love to here it, leave me a comment with it written out or a link to your post if you post it.

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