Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some Etsy Item Loves

The year 2011 is approaching which means....

it's time to find that new pretty calendar!
I know my older sister will appreciate this post: she gets a new calendar every year for Christmas.
This year I think I should join.

Etsy has a wonderful selection. Here are some I've found that I love.

2011 Letterpress Calendar
2011 Letterpress Calendar Boats
2011 Mini Calendar
2011 Owl Illustrated Calendar
Bird Envy 2011 Calendar
2011 Wall Calendar
2011 Tea Towel Wall Calendar
Mid-Century Modern 2011 Letterpress Wall Calendar
Pistachio Press
Ellie Designs Small Personalized Planner

2011 Printable Planner Calendar
2011 Desk Calendar Aliette Illustration

There are so many calendars out there! Obviously these that I have here play different rolls. I think I will get one for my wall and then one planner...but then those little mini calendars for my purse would be cute too. Would 3 calendars be ridiculous? The great thing about this mini one is that it's only six dollars and it comes in pdf format so I can print tons of them - I'm thinking gift ideas? (sisters, mom, mil pretend like you didn't hear that one...) Perhaps that will make 3 calendars more justifiable...perhaps.

What type calendar is your favorite and what should I chose!?


  1. Oh I love just about every one of these! And yep, I do need to get a new calendar as I'm already planning things for next year! AAAhhh! This year is going by way too fast!

  2. Whoa! You are right! I love these! Perhaps I want to try a different calendar this christmas.. but which one?!?!

  3. the personalized planner is adorable. i'm a sucker for calendars as well. i saw one on etsy that had the whole "keep calm" motive and the month of january said "make goals and break them immediately" basically the story of my life! I love it.

  4. I got my new calendar/planner yesterday on sale at Target! It's lime green with borders in a paisley-like print in tan and off white. It fits in my purse and is made from recycled paper. Yay!

  5. omg these are so cute!! I never thought about buying a calendar on etsy but I'm def. going to look into these too!


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