Thursday, November 4, 2010

Best Veggies

Remember when I told you about mine and Kyle's camping trip and the awesome veggies?
We made them again last week at home on the grill so I thought I'd share the process with you.

Turn picture above, to picture below

Layout a piece of aluminum foil.
Spray with cooking spray and then sprinkle with Tony's seasoning.
Lay out potatoes, carrots and onion.
Kyle likes to combine lots of flavors so on top of the veggies he sprinkled chipotle seasoning
and Jalapeno Tabasco.

Now place another piece of foil over this and pinch it shut.

Like so...

Place on the grill right next to whatever meat you're grilling.
It takes about 8 minutes on each side to fully cook.
If you open it and see it needs more time just throw it back on the grill.

And here it is...enjoy!

They really are so delicious. I don't typically like cooked carrots but these turned out great!
This meal is super easy when you're camping too. Just pack up your veggies and seasoning of choice and fix it up out in the wild (ha). To cook it in the fire Kyle pushed the logs to one side and laid the foil wrapped veggies right by the fire.

Grilling veggies is definitely not a new thing, this is just our take on it. Next I want grilled corn! Yum :)


  1. If you put the hamburger patty on the bottom with veggies on top, you can cook that directly on the fire too. It's an old Boy Scout trick, called a "hobo meal". Very yummy. Can make it in the oven too.

  2. Yum, those look delicious! I hadn't thought to use Tabasco!

  3. We made these when we went camping in September...we added little hamburger balls to make it a full meal. We call these foil dinners. So good!

  4. Hello from Mingle Monday! I LOVE grilled corn... grilling it makes it taste so much sweeter!!


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