Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun Fabrics and a Snowman

Last night Kyle and I built a snowman after we got home from the movies!
I love our little snowman :) It had whopper eyes and buttons, candy cane nose and nerds hair.
Trying to get rid of Halloween and Christmas candies ha

I saw these fabrics over and Purl Soho and fell in love with these shades!
I just want to cover our apartment in them.

Aren't they just so bright and cheery? :) Check these and other fabrics at Purl Soho here. They have a beautiful selection. Oh, and Purl Soho is hiring!! I would love to live in New York right now so I could apply! They have a beautiful shop and it would be the most lovely and inspiring place to work.
Well, I've never actually been, but the pictures online of their shop are gorgeous! I def want to go sometime!!!
Hint hint Kyle ;)


  1. I wish we had snow! I've been to Purl Soho - what a cute little shop. I could live there. ;)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I love these colors! So springy. xo


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