Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So I've been away forever. Took a little bloggy break and can't promise that I'm blogging consistently now either but I was too excited when I saw this and had to share.
And who reads this anyway? I'm sure no one even noticed I was gone ha ;) except for my lovely mom :)

Lately I've wanted to start a cake stand collection. I think they would look gorgeous sitting on a hutch displayed in our dining area.
 (dining area sounds way too fancy for the little nook in our apartment I'm referencing)
Bakerella has a giveaway going on right now from Sweet and Saucy. They have some seriously gorgeous cake stands! I hope to win to get my collection started wootie woo! We shall see :)
You have until tomorrow to enter by the way

Also, does anyone else read The Anderson Family Crew blog?
Emily has been sharing their adoption process with her readers and last week their 
sweet little girl finally got to go home! I think it's the sweetest thing ever!


  1. I noticed!!! (I know.. I know.. I'm the big sis...) :) I think you would be so cute with your cakestand collection! And you would actually make cakes to put on them! (Unlike me) :)

  2. They do have some pretty cakestands! Wouldn't you know my favorite would be $85 - yikes haha


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