Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A St. Louisy New Years Eve

Kyle and I went on a fun little weekend getaway for New Years Eve this year to St. Louis.
I'm sure the title gave this all away though...

We had a lot of exploring to do-neither of us have spent a ton of time there.
Kyle has been more recently than I have: I just remember Grant's Farm from when I was teeny.
The first place we went was of course the park. We have a thing for city parks.
Forest Park in St. Louis is excellent! Easily in my top three. Easy.
And there is so so so much to do there!

No trip to St. Louis is complete without ooing and ahhing over the Gateway Arch.

We actually went to the very top! Very frightening might I add.
This is what one of the little tram shuttle thingies look like:

Yes, itty bitty.
I'm so glad we went up.
Definitely overcoming some fear there.
I'll never do it again though ;)

That night we went to First Night which is a really neat community festival. It's a celebration of the New Year expressed through the arts. This year there was an underwater theme and over 150 artists were there to perform. It was a really fun way to ring in the New Year. 
One of my favorite artist that I got to see was Kim Massie. She had such a strong voice and also quite a personality. Another one of my favorites was being led in meditation at St. Francis Xavier College Church (pictured below) to the tones of ancient instruments. That was quite interesting and I thought a very good way to begin the New Year, not to mention, it was very warm in there and not so much outside...

Saturday morning we went back to Forest Park and spent hours in the Science Center.
It was fascinating! I loved it.
Sadly I don't have very many pictures from our visit there, I was too busy enjoying it to bother with pictures. But I do have these:

I know, ridiculous that those are the two pictures I took at the Science Center but I thought it was way cool! Like an I Spy game display and we all know how much I love Christmas.
I think I should make one for next year...or maybe when we have kids. I think that would make us the coolest parents ever. But that's way down the line :)

So since I did a horrible job documenting the Science Center visit you should def check out more here or just go for yourself! Yea, second option is best :)

And Kyle has some great pics from the trip on facebook so check'em out.
His photography skills put mine to shame!

Next trips' agenda definitely includes: City Museum,  Art Museum,  zoo, Grant's Farm, and I think I should explore and find some awesome fabric shops and such. Any suggestions? 

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