Thursday, January 6, 2011

Handmade Gifts

I can at last post these because they have now been given.
I made these clutches for my sisters and for Kyle's cousin's wife whose name I drew in the gift game.
I used this great tutorial from Anna to make them and even learned zippers in the process!
Kyle helped me with that one haha

The first picture is of the first one I made. This one was a bit crooked as you can see, but it was amazing to see how much I improved on each one! Very encouraging :)

The one above is the third I made and the picture below is an inside view. These clutches were complete with a divider pocket and card holders. They were a fun project, I highly suggest this tutorial!

This is def not the last bag you'll see from me. I have some ideas and plans floating in my head ;)
Excited to share later!

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