Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend and a Way to Help a Family!

This past weekend I was at Gulfcoast Getaway. It was amazing. Gulfcoast is a gathering of over one thousand college students who come together to praise God, participate in service, and grow from classes and lectures. For the last four years I've gone as a student but this year I was there as a volunteer.
This years theme was Holos: Reimagining Campus Ministry.


Prayers Squares 

A beautiful adoption story shared.

Community Prayer Portraid by Laura Amstutz.
Throughout the conference students wrote down thoughts, prayers, scriptures, etc. At the end of the weekend Laura put together this inspiring painting. Really I guess you'd call it more of a mixed media art but anyway, it's amazing.
Check out more of her stuff here. She is seriously talented.

Randy Harris spoke this year and talked about how your context changes but what you do doesn't. He also spoke on living cruciform which means cross-shaped. Another of the main topics was using our puzzle piece for God. I'm not so good at summing things up (why I started a crafty blog and not so much a my deep [ha] thoughts blog) but perhaps I'll share more later. On to what I really want to talk about:

Perhaps the coolest thing these college students do over this getaway weekend is getting involved with things going on in the world by donating to non profit organizations and to families in need.
This weekend over $34,000 - that's right, college students gave over 34,000 dollars - was given to Honduras Hope and to the King family.

Marc and Terri Tindal founded Honduras Hope. They have a children's home, build houses for people who don't have them and they are doing a lot of work in the city dump of Honduras where hundreds of people live. What they're doing in Honduras is truly bringing hope to thousands.

Now I'll tell you a little bit about the King family. In early November Jeremy died on a hunting trip. He left behind his wonderful wife Veronica, two beautiful children and another baby on the way due on Valentine's Day. Jeremy and Veronica were both on the praise team for Gulfcoast in previous years and Veronica led worship again this year. My heart just breaks for this family. Please pray for them.
College students gave a lot of money to this family and that is so awesome.

Yesterday I was reading Veronica's blog and saw that another blog is raising money for her family too!
Nikki, from Pennies on a Platter makes a certain amount of money for every hit on her page that she gets and for the month of January she is giving all that money she makes from hits to Veronica and her family! All you need to do is visit the website a ton! Make sure the page loads all the way. She also has a  Paypal donate button thing on her blog that you can click and donate to the Kings.

And you'll love that you visited the blog too because she has a ton of delicious recipes. Like, on my list to make already is this Mac n' Cheese, Queso Blanco and Pretzel Bites.

~Special thanks to Kay Ledet for letting me use her pictures! I brought my camera but didn't take a single one, I've got to get better at that. Her pics are better than mine would have been anyway :)

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