Monday, January 10, 2011


Bahaha what a clever title!
Or perhaps I am the only lame one in this world who finds this funny  ;)
Regardless, I am amused.
This post is all about recipes. I have searched the internets high and low to find recipes that strike my fancy and ladies and gentlemen, I have found several to share.

isn't this kitchen so cute! found it here

I've been trying new things in the kitchen lately. One such thing is soup. I've never made homemade soup. A shame really. So last week I made this recipe. I really like that it is made with real cheese (not a fan of recipes that call for cheeses like Velveeta) and frozen corn (not canned). However, it was just a little bland for me - not enough flava flav. Good base though, next time I'm going to add my own twist.

Another first dinner try for me were these Oven Baked Chicken Fingers complete with homemade dipping sauce from Sugarlaws. These were delicious and a great alternative to the yucky, bad-for-you chicken fingers you order at restaurants and fast food joints. These were quick and easy to make: definitely a go to me for me now! And I love my chicken.

Another in the kitchen attempt that I am super happy about is baking bread and it turning out super good. My friend Kayla and I made this French Peasant Bread recipe from Bloom the other night. And it worked! I definitely recommend trying this recipe, especially if you are journeying
into the world of bread baking for the first time.

Lastly, Kyle and I are baking these during halftime.
Anybody else watching the National Championship Game?
I've wanted to try my hand at sea salty caramel brownies since the first time I saw them out in blogland.
I hope they turn out amazing so I can make them for my mom next time I'm home!
She loves caramel and the salty sweet combo and I love her so it just makes sense :)


  1. fun! i've been reading all kinds of recipes on the gracious pantry lately. nothing as scrumptious as these though. thanks for sharing girl! :)


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