Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Greetings!

Last night we watched this:

I forgot how wonderful this movie is! My sisters and I used to watch this on the VHS all the time at my Grandma's...sigh...good times :)
And there are just so many good screams in that movie!

Right now I have this in the oven!
And no, I don't read German. A friend of mine and Kyle's, Daniel, is from Germany and is helping me with my bread baking because like I've said before, I'm a braid failure. ha.

Check this out! The blog HoneyBear Lane has done a series on holiday traditions and mine is on there!

And another exciting thing...Bloom just had their Second Annual Christmas Show and Tell, which is exciting in and of itself but also, my tree skirt is featured in the post!
Wooo hooo :)

Lastly, you may notice some changes on my blog. The ever so wonderful husband of mine has made some bloggyland dreams come true for me and has revamped my blog look!

Whew, that was a lot. Hope you are having a blessed weekend!


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